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I'm sure he'll come... The delivery date of "Dead by Daylight" Chapter 23 "Sadako Rising" is decided!

きっと来る・・・きっと来る・・・!「Dead by Daylight」チャプター23「貞子ライジング」の配信日が決定!

It was announced in December 2021 that " Dead by Daylight," a milestone in asymmetrical survival horror, will collaborate with the Japanese horror classic "The Ring.
The teaser movie showed a well, and it was thought that " Sadako " would appear as the killer, but we are still waiting for more details.
The new chapter of the collaboration was scheduled to be held in March 2022, but February 2022 is already in the second half of the year. The date for Chapter 23, a collaboration with "The Ring," has been officially announced!

「Dead by Daylight」×「リング」の開催が決定!貞子がDbDにやってくる!?

Sadako is coming on March 9!

In Chapter 23 "S adako Rising", "Sadako", one of the most famous Japanese horror characters, will be joined by a new survivor, " The Onryo ", a survivor of the original story, "The Ring 2". The new survivor is " Yoichi Asakawa ", a survivor of the original film who also appears in "The Ring 2".

In the trailer, you can see "The Onryo" appear on a CRT TV set outside in the rain, and "The Onryo" suddenly appears behind Yoichi Asakawa, who is running away from the scene.
Instead of being violent like previous killers, "The Onryo" seems to be an eerie and unpredictable ability that faithfully reproduces the original "Sadako".

Sadako Rising

This will be the first opportunity to experience the never-before-told story of Yoichi Asakawa, a marine biologist, so Dead by Daylight players and fans of "The Ring"" can also take advantage of this opportunity. This will be the first opportunity for "Dead by Daylight" players as well as "Ring"s" fans to start playing the game.
"Dead by Daylight" Chapter 23 "Sadako Rising" will begin on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 Japan time!
For more information, please check the "Sadako Rising" special page on the official "Dead by Daylight" website!


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