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Up to 50% off the "Kuni-kun" series! Play the legendary retro game series now!


The latest title in the series, " Kuniokun's Sangokushi: Let's All Meet! ", the hit "Kuniokun" series.
The long-awaited PS4 and Steam versions of the game, as well as the Nintendo Switch package version, will be released on July 21, 2022 (Thursday ), so PS4 and Steam users have already pre-ordered their copies and are just waiting for the release date.
The "Kuniokun" series has a long history, but the first title in the series, "Nekketsu Hard School Kuniokun," was first released in arcades in May 1986, so May 2022 will mark the series' 36th anniversary! Congratulations!
To celebrate the 36th anniversary, we have started a special sale where you can purchase the legendary retro game series at a special price!


Now is the time to play these legendary classics!

Kuniokun Special Sale

In the "Kuniokun Special Sale," you can purchase classic titles from the "Kuniokun" series on PS4 and Nintendo Switch at 40-50% off, making them extremely affordable.
The "Kuniokun" series has many titles on the market, so those who are new to the series may have a hard time deciding which title to start with.
For those who are new to the "Kuniokun" series, the " Kuniokun The World Classics Collection ", which includes 18 titles from the series, is now on sale!

It contains 11 titles from the "Kunio-kun" series released in Japan, 4 titles from the international "Kunio-kun" series, and 3 titles from the international "Double Dragon" series.
In addition to recreating the feel of the originals, the game also includes a "Quality Upgrade " that fixes bugs, flickering, and game balance. Bugs, flickering, and game balance have been corrected, and the game can be played in an easy-to-play mode.
Furthermore, since the "Kuniokun" series is so much fun to play together, not only does it support offline play for multiple players, but it also supports online play!
In this day and age, it's great to be able to play with friends who are far away or with people from all over the world. The "Soreyuke Daiundoukai" (Soreyuke Undokai) is sure to be a particularly exciting event!
Kuniookun The World Classics Collection" is now available for 50% off, from 5,490 yen (including tax) to 2,745 yen (including tax)!
To purchase, please visit the PlayStation Store for PS4 andMy Nintendo Store for Nintendo Switch!

Stand-alone titles in the series are also on sale for a great price. This is great if you only want to play certain titles.
All titles are 40% off, from 500 yen (including tax) to 300 yen (including tax), so you might end up buying too many...!
The sale includes the following titles!

  • Kuniokun The World - Ikekeke! Nekketsu Hockey Club "Slip, Fall, and Fight!
  • Kuniochun The World -Surprisingly hot blooded new record! Faraway Gold Medal~!
  • Kunioon The World - Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club Soccer Club
  • Kuniokun The World -Heat-blooded! SUTREET BASKET Ganbare DUNK HEROES~~ Kunioon the World ~Hot Blood!
  • Kuniokun's Hot Blooded Soccer League
  • Kuniokun The World - Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club
  • Kuniokun The World ~Down Down Special Kuniokun no Jidai Geki Dayo Dasshutai! ~Kuniokun The World ~Down Down Special
  • Kunioon The World -Downtown Nekketsu Koshinkyoku Soreyuke Daiundokai
  • Kuniokun The World - Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari
  • Kuniokun The World - Nekketsu Kuniokun

For those of you who played in the arcades and on the Famicom back in the day, of course you'll want to check out "Kuniokun's Sangokushi: Let's All Get Together! I hope you'll take this opportunity to play these legendary masterpieces!
Personally, I'm looking forward to playing "Kuniokun no Jidai Geki Dayo Dasshutsu! and " Soreyuke Daiundoukai " are highly recommended!
For more details about the sale, please check the official Arc System Works website!


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