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"SEGA New Project" Revised "Mega Drive Mini 2" Official Announcement! The title of the first recording was also announced!


SEGA Corporation is one of Japan's leading manufacturers of hit video games and amusements.
SEGA, which continues to produce characters and games loved around the world, including Sonic the Hedgehog, will celebrate its 62nd anniversary on Friday, June 3, 2022! Congratulations!
On SNS, manufacturers, celebrities, and SEGA fans from all over the world have commented on the celebration, and SEGA's official Twitter (@SEGA_OFFICIAL ) is in a festive state with a " SEGA Quiz on SEGA's Founding Day.
On June 3, 2022, SEGA's birthday, a " SEGA New Project Announcement Live Broadcast " will be held from 8:00 p.m. The announcement has attracted much attention.
The combination of the performers was familiar to many, and many things were predicted, but now the full picture has been revealed!

The "Mega Drive Mini 2," the successor to the legend, was announced!

The "Sega New Project Announcement Live Broadcast" began with the appearance of " Uncle Otherworldly," a teacher who is almost dead. He talks about his memories of the MegaDrive Mini and Mega Drive 2. I never thought I would hear the term " high-performance bodycon pair " in the age of 2025!
That's right! Sega's new project, the "Mega Drive Mini 2," has been officially announced!
Then, the video switches to the "Mega Drive Mini 2" promotional video, featuring a wrestler with a body shape we've seen somewhere before!

As mentioned in the promotional video, the "Mega Drive Mini 2" will be released on October 27, 2022 (Thursday)! The price will be 10,978 yen (tax included)!
The " MegaDrive Tower Mini 2 ", an accessory to recreate the "High Performance Bodycon Pair", will also be released!
In addition to the " Mega CD2 Mini " that can be docked to the "Mega Drive Mini 2", the "Virtua Racing" cartridge mini and the "Sonic the Hedgehog CD" Mega CD disc mini are also included in the set. The set also includes a "Mega CD2 Mini", a "Virtua Racing" cartridge mini, and a "Sonic the Hedgehog CD" Mega CD disc mini.
Sega has also faithfully reproduced the spacers that were included with the original "Mega Drive Mini" and "Super 32X Mini" in the original "MegaDora Tower Mini" to allow the "Super 32X Mini" to be installed.

Mega Drive Tower Mini 2

The "Mega Drive Tower Mini 2" will be released on October 27, 2022 (Thursday), the same day as the "Mega Drive Mini 2," for 4,950 yen (tax included).
The " Fighting Pad 6B," a six-button controller, will also be sold separately for 2,750 yen (including tax), so you can play with friends and family or break it in the heat of battle.

Fighting Pad 6B

The first title to be included in the collection has been announced!

I'm sure that fans of yesteryear have already decided to purchase the console as soon as it was announced, but what titles will be included is important, isn't it?
The original "Mega Drive Mini" included 42 classic titles, including such first-time titles as "Darius" and "Tetris," and the "Mega Drive Mini 2" will exceed that number with over 50 titles! The "Mega Drive Mini 2" will contain more than 50 titles!
In addition to the "Mega Drive" titles, the "Mega CD" titles will also be included since the "High Performance Bodycon Pair" will be recreated, making the volume even larger than the first generation.
The announcement also revealed some of the titles that will be included!



A shooting game by Game Arts that takes full advantage of the Mega-CD's capabilities to create a powerful 3D presentation throughout the entire game.
The tactical space fighter "Sylphid" sets off for Earth to save it from falling into the hands of rebel forces led by Zakarite.


Shining Force CD

Shining Force CD

Set 20 years after "Shining Force: Legacy of the Gods," this tactical battle RPG depicts a new battle between the youngest members of the Army of Light and the Cypress Kingdom, which is disrupting the peace.
This is a remake of the two games in the series released on the Game Gear.


Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

He's a naughty but nice guy!
Set on Little Planet, this action game pits Dr. Eggman and the sonic hero Sonic in a battle for the "Time Stone," a mysterious stone that allows time warp to the past and future.


Yumemikan no Monogatari

The Story of Yumemikan

In the mansion of butterflies that wander about fleetingly, a quiet fear lurks in the air. ......
A sister disappears into a strange house. And a boy who pursues her figure.
A fantastical horror adventure game of silence unfolds in the closed space of Yumemikan.


Popple Mail

pop-up mail

A major remake of Nihon Falcom's action RPG on Mega CD.
Meir, a tomboyish bounty hunter elf who loves money more than anything else, sets off on a slapstick adventure with Tat, a mage, and Gau, a monster.
The event scenes performed by the splendid voice cast are also a highlight.


Virtua Racing

virtual racing

An amazing port of the arcade hit 3D racing game, made possible by the use of the "SVP" custom calculation chip.
The game features a 3D viewpoint switching function, replay viewing, and the ability to split the screen for two players to play against each other simultaneously.


Bonanza Brothers

ボナンザ ブラザーズ
Bonanza Brothers

A righteous gangster makes a killing in Bad Town, the city of bad guys!
In this undercover action game, you must escape with all the treasures without being detected by the guards.
The various reactions of the main characters are also a highlight of the game. Two players can also enjoy cooperative play using the top and bottom of the screen.


Shining & The Dakness

Shining & the Dakness

This 3D dungeon RPG is the memorable first title in the Shining series.
In order to find a missing princess and her father, a young man, a new knight of the royal court, heads into a labyrinth where demons await him and his friends.
The dungeon, the town, and the events all unfold in panoramic 3D from a subjective viewpoint.


Thunder Force IV

Thunder Force IV

The fourth title in the popular side-scrolling shooter series created by Techno Soft.
Two years after the decisive battle against the "Empire of Orn".
Piloting the state-of-the-art fighter "Linex," players battle new enemies while using a variety of five different types of shots.


Magical Taruto-kun


This is an action game in which Tarurut, a little wizard from a magical land, plays a very active role.
The beautiful visuals, which only Game Freak, the developer of the game, can provide, and Taruru, who speaks with the same voice as in the TV anime, is just as cute and charming as in the original story.


So, five "Mega CD" titles have been announced.
The most surprising one is " Magical Tar uruto-kun," isn't it?
The first generation of Mega-CDs also included "Yu-Yu Hakusho: The Unification of the Demonic Forces," which was a big hit, and it's great that they included a title that was thought to be difficult to include.
The talk about the titles included in the game included Megumi Hayashibara 's voice for "Mail" in "Popple Mail" and the "Saber Crab" crab in " Shining & the Dakness". See " Mega Drive Mini 2: The Legend Contin ues" for more on the titles included in the game!
And just as the original "Mega Drive Mini" included "Darius" and "Tetris", the "Mega Drive Mini 2" will also include bonus titles!
One of the titles has just been announced!

Fantasy Zone

fantasy zone

Collect coins obtained by defeating enemies, then go to the store for power-ups!
The first of the well-known shooting games has finally appeared on the Mega Drive.
To save the galaxy from a currency crisis, the main character, Opa Opa, ventures across eight planets.
A beginner mode has also been added.


What's that? Wasn't this included in the Mega Drive Mini? I thought so, but that was "Super Fantasy Zone" and this is the first "Fantasy Zone".
Actually, the original "Fantasy Zone" was not released on the Mega Drive, so this is a new title created for the Mega Drive Mini 2! That's what I'm talking about, Sega!
The story behind the game's inclusion is also discussed in the " Mega Drive Mini 2: Inheriting the Legend " article, so be sure to check it out!

More titles to be announced on June 24th!

Out of the 50 titles + α, 10 titles and 1 title + α, a total of 11 titles were announced this time!
That's a pretty impressive list, but there are still more than 40 titles to be included in "Mega Drive Mini 2," so we're sure you're wondering what else will be included.
The next title is scheduled to be announced on June 24, 2022 (Friday), so let's wait and see what masterpieces and masterpieces will be announced next!
Also, reservations for the "Mega Drive Mini 2," "MegaDora Tower Mini 2," and "Fighting Pad 6B" are now being taken at various retailers, but many of them are already out of stock.
We are sure that the production will be increased after the release date, so you won't be unable to get them at the regular price.
For more details, please check the official "Mega Drive Mini 2" website!


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