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Event Quest in "Monster Hunter Rise" "Ruler of the Storm Shimmering in The Dust" and Item Pack "Supplies from Guild 2" are now available!


In the action game " Monster Hunter Rise " for Nintendo Switch, the new event quest " Master of the Storm in the Dust " and the item pack " Supplies from the Guild 2 " will be available from August 20, 2021 (Fri.). The new event quest "The Ruler of the Storm in the Dust" and the item pack "Supplies from the Guild 2" will be available from Friday, August 20, 2021.

Event Contents

Get useful items from the item packs and defeat the powerful Kushaldaora in the event quests!

Event Quest "Ruler of the Storm in the Dust

"Ruler of the storm that shimmers in the dust."

In this event quest, "Ruler of the Storm in the Dust," a different and more powerful Kushaldaora will appear! Let's challenge to defeat it in the sandy plains!
Please note that this quest has an order/participation requirement of "HR8 or higher".

Item Pack "Supplies from the Guild 2

"Guild Supply 2."

An item pack "Supplies from the Guild 2" has also been released in conjunction with the event quest.
This item pack provides 50 armor balls, 10 armor balls, 20 dumpling vouchers, 10 steel eggs, and 20 recovery pills!
Let's get ready with the supplies and take on the event quest!

Receive the delivered contents from the "Postman"!

Postman in the village of Kamra

Received event quests and item packs can be received from the "Additional Contents" menu in the "Post Office" in Kamla Village.
Event quests can be received by going to the quest counter in the meeting place and selecting "Event Quests".
You will need an Internet connection to receive the content, but once downloaded, you can play it offline without restrictions!

Check the official media for updates!

After 5 months since its release, "Monster Hunter Rise" is still going full throttle with many updates and collaborations.
Many new events are expected to be announced in the future, so check the official website and Twitter to get the latest information as soon as possible!
If you want to immerse yourself in the world of "Monster Hunter Rise," be sure to check out Capcom's official YouTube page, where detailed explanations of the game and videos of the making of the soundtrack are available!


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