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The third paid DLC of "Sangokushi 14" is now available! Collaboration masterpieces with "SatsumaJitaya Denbei" also start free of charge!


Koei Tecmo's historical simulation game " Mikuni 14 " is now available on PS4 and PC (Steam).
The game has been captivating not only Mikuni fans but also simulation game fans with its various collaborative events and DLCs, and now the third paid DLC has been released!
A free update has also been implemented, and the collaboration with Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei, which was recently introduced on Saiga NAK, is now available for free!


The third paid DLC is now available!

The third paid DLC, which is now available for free, consists of three sets: " Difficulty Level Super Class" & Scenario Setting Set," " Scenario "Battle to Defeat Rofu" & Event Set," and " BGM Editing & Additional BGM Set. What are the contents of each DLC?
Here are the contents of each DLC.

Difficulty "Super Level" & Scenario Setting Set

Difficulty level "Super Class
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The "Difficulty Level "Super Class" & Scenario Setting Set" adds an additional difficulty level, "Super Class.
The difficulty level will be more challenging than ever, as the CPU's "adjacent area effect" will be strengthened, so it will be more important than ever to cut off the surrounding provinces and color the land in your own colors ahead of others.
The following effects will be added: the player's forces will always be first in the order of action, the player's soldiers will be less likely to be "wounded," the CPU's "gold" and "food" income will increase, and the "suggestion" command and "leadership "" will be weakened. The "Suggestion" command and the "Leadership "" are weakened, so you need to be two or three moves ahead in your leadership.

Scenario Settings
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In the " Scenario Settings," you will be able to freely set various items that will change the way you play the game, such as the amount of damage from warfare, single combat, siege occupation, endurance, wounded soldiers, and so on.
Whether you want to set the game to be more exhilarating or more confidence-building, you can enjoy "Sangokushi 14" even more by making various settings!
The "Difficulty Level Super Class & Scenario Setting Set" is priced at 880 yen (tax included) and can be purchased from the PlayStation Store for PS4 players and from Steam for PC users!

Scenario "Battle for Rofu" & Event Set

Scenario "Battle for Lu Bu
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The "Scenario "Battle to Defeat Lu Bu" & Event Set" adds the "Battle to Defeat Lu Bu" scenario, which depicts the final battle between Cao Cao and Lu Bu.
This is a historical scenario that depicts the final showdown between Lu Bu, who allied himself with Yuan Ji, who presumed the throne, and Cao Cao, who cooperated with Liu Bei to defeat Lu Bu.
In addition, the following events have been added to the "Battle to Defeat Lu Bu": " Lu Bu's Defeat," "Chen Teng's Ploy," "Xiaochuan Water Attack," "Battle of Yijing," and "The Fall of the False Emperor. The "Battle for Lu Bu" will be even more exciting.

Event "Chen Teng's Trick" (Japanese only)
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Event "The Fall of the False Emperor
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The "Scenario 'Battle for Lu Bu' & Event Set" is priced at 495 yen (tax included) and can be purchased from the PlayStation Store for PS4 users and from Steam for PC users.

BGM Edit & Additional BGM Set

Edit function
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The "BGM Edit & Additional BGM Set" adds BGM from "Mikuni 12" and "Mikuni 13".
A total of 88 tracks, including BGM from "Mikuni 12," "Mikuni 13," and "Mikuni 14," can be freely edited for various situations in the game.
You can even set the timing of the music to " Don't play that song at this time ! You can even set the timing of the music, so you can edit the music as if you were the sound director, and create your own unique and exciting "Mikuni 14"!
The "BGM Edit & Additional BGM Set" is now available under the name " Edit Function Vol. 2. The price is 495 yen (tax included) and PS4 users can purchase it from the PlayStation Store, while PC users can purchase it from Steam!

Be careful not to buy more than one!

The third paid DLC is included in the " Mikuni 14 Season Pass," which also includes the first and second paid DLCs that have already been distributed, as well as the fourth and fifth paid DLCs that will be distributed in the future .
If you would like to purchase the "Mikuni 14 Season Pass", PS4 users can purchase it from the PlayStation Store, and PC users can purchase it from Steam! The price is 4,950 yen (tax included )!

Free updates are also available!

A free update has been released along with the third paid DLC!
Many updates, including the long-awaited "30FPS/60FPS" change function and "2.0ch/5.1ch" change function, have been delivered, including functional enhancements, adjustments, and bug fixes.
The contents of the updates are listed below, so don't forget to update your software!
For details, please check the update information page on the official website of "Sangokushi 14.

Functional enhancements/adjustments

  • Added the ability to "Listen to BGM" from the "Collection" command in the start menu
  • Adjusted interception AI
  • Adjusted strategic AI in personnel management
  • Adjusted balance of single combat
  • Added a new feature to reduce security even when the "local subjugation" command fails.
  • Relaxed the condition that the security is lowered when the "poison for burial" command is failed.
  • Added the ability to change the volume of ambient sound in the preferences
  • Adjusted the effect of the "Schemer" character when a general executes a strategy command.
  • Improved the effect of diplomatic sentiment and loyalty of generals depending on troop deployment when an alliance is terminated, as well as when an alliance is broken.
  • Improved the visibility of Lv and Cost in the "Administration" command
  • Improved the initial focus and highlighting of the selected areas in the system settings (PS4 version)
  • Added the ability to change between "30FPS" and "60FPS" in the launcher's "Launch Preferences" (Windows version)
  • Added the ability to change the sound settings between "2.0ch" and "5.1ch" in the "Preferences" of the Start menu (Windows version)

Bug fixes

  • When the "Delegation Policy" is updated to "All Delegations" after the loss of a "Corps" goal, the contents of each item are now updated.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an unintended strategy to be "deleted" when the "Learn" command was executed in a specific procedure.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Learn" command that allowed the deletion of a strategy of a general who possessed less than 10 strategies.
  • Fixed a bug that the color of independent forces in historical events could be the same color as the existing new forces.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Edit New Warlord" that the order of warlords who are "brothers-in-law" has been changed.
  • Fixed a bug in which the saved data and the in-game year and month did not match.
  • Fixed the setting of generals in some scenarios.
  • Fixed typos and other message errors.
  • Fixed a bug in the Windows version where generals deleted from the list would be displayed when the "Go to Battle" command was executed in a certain way.
  • Fixed a bug in which the game returns to the title screen when the "Close" button is selected just before the end of the "Progression Phase" (Windows version)

Collaboration with Hamadaya Denbei Satsushu has begun!

The free distribution of the collaboration's specialties, which include the real-life Satsushu Red Rabbit, Satsushu Rofu, and Satsushu Sangokushi, has finally begun.
After downloading the data and "starting a new game", the game will start with the three masterpieces in the player's force.

The " Satsushu Red Rabbit Horse," an authentic sweet potato shochu that allows the player to retreat without being caught by the enemy when defeated in battle, and the "Guan Yu" shochu, a shochu with a +5 military power effect.

コラボ名品"薩州 赤兎馬"
Collaboration item "Satsushu Red Rabbit
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The barley syochu liqueur "Satsushu Rofu ", which has the effect of increasing martial power by +5, is made by "Rofu ".

コラボ名品"薩州 呂布"
Collaboration product "Satsushu Lu Bu" (Satsuma)
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Satsushu Mikokushi", an authentic sweet potato shochu liqueur made in collaboration with "Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei" and "Mikokushi 14", which has the effect of prolonging life, is owned by Cao Cao.

コラボ名品"薩州 三國志"
Collaboration "Satsushu: The Three Kingdoms" (Japanese only)
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Each of them has its own effects.
It can be given to generals under his command, and can increase the loyalty and abilities of the awarded generals, so it is sure to expand the scope of your strategy!
The "Satsushu: Three Kingdoms" collaboration is now available for free on the PlayStation Store andSteam for PC users!
If you want to try "Satsushu Akabaguma", "Satsushu Rofu", and "Satsushu Mikokushi", check out the official "Satsushu Akabaguma" website!

DLC for deeper enjoyment of "Sangokushi 14

The third paid DLC is full of contents that will allow you to enjoy "Sangokushi 14" in a deeper way.
The "Battle to Defeat Lu Bu" is one in particular that many fans have been waiting for.
And with the free delivery of a special product made in collaboration with Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei, there's even more to look forward to!
We'll be sharing a taste of the "Satsushu Akabaguma" and "Satsushu Rofu" from Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei on Saiga NAK in the near future, so stay tuned!
For more information on the DLC and updates, please check the official "Sangokushi 14" website!


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