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Sonic speaks directly and answers! "Speed of sound! One Question and One Answer "Decided to Hold!" Asking Sonic for Questions!


SEGA Corporation has announced that it will hold a special event, " Sonic 's Question and Answer Session" on June 24, 2022. Sonic will answer the questions that have been collected from fans in advance.

Sonic will answer directly!

Sonic! one question and one answer

Sonic will answer directly! You can ask Sonic a question by tweeting with the hashtag " #SoundSpeed! The selected questions will receive an answer video from Sonic in the form of a regular post from the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter or a direct reply !
The video of Sonic's answer will be posted on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel at a later date!

The application period is from May 25, 2022 (Wednesday) to June 2, 2022 (Thursday) at 23:59.
We have already received a lot of comments on Twitter, such as "What does Sonic think about the character "Emmy Rose" in the film?
What does she do in her private time? What does Sonic do in his private life?
This is your chance to ask Sonic, aka the fastest hedgehog in history!
Let's take this opportunity to ask him some questions!

Sonic Origins", a compilation of the first four Sonic games, will be released on June 23rd!

Sonic Orig ins", the newest title that powers up the first four games that became the "origin " of the "Sonic" series, will be released on June 23, 2022 (Thursday )!
The Standard Edition will be priced at 4,389 yen (including tax), and the Deluxe Edition, which includes various DLC, will be priced at 4,939 yen (including tax). For more information, please visit the official Sonic Origins website.
The day before the "Sonic Origins! Sonic Origins will be released the day before the "One Question, One Answer" event, so it will be fun to play while waiting to see if Sonic will answer your question!

Sonic Origins
Release Date Thursday, June 23, 2022
Compatible consoles PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / PC (Steam / Epic Games Store)
Downloadable version only
Suggested Retail Price Sonic Origins 4,389 yen (tax included)
Sonic Origins - Digital Deluxe 4,939 yen (tax included)
Official website https://sonic.sega.jp/SonicOrigins/


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The movie "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" ("Sonic the Movie/ Sonic VS Knuckles") reaches $331.64 million worldwide at the box office
The movie "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" ("Sonic the Movie/ Sonic VS Knuckles"...

System company Sega Enterprises announced that the ticket sales of the whole world of the movie by which Hollywood taking a picture-ized very popular character