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Appeared on the official YouTube program of the popular cosplayer Sumire Uncle "Tales of" series! Open a TikTok account!

人気コスプレイヤーすみれおじさん「テイルズ オブ」シリーズの公式YouTube番組に出演!TikTokアカウントも開設!

Popular cosplayer Uncle Sumire (aka Shihana Violet) appeared on Bandai Namco Entertainment's official YouTube program for the "Tales of" series on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Uncle Violet is a big fan of "Tales of" Reeses!

すみれおじさんPR TIMES

Uncle Sumire, who is a big fan of "Tales of" Leeds, has been actively promoting the latest title in the series, "Tales of ARISE," which is scheduled to be released on September 9, 2021.

TikTok account opened!

In order to promote the launch of "Tales of ARISE," he announced the opening of a "TikTok" account to provide a place for communication.

Uncle Violet commented

I had never seen TikTok before and had no idea what kind of content it was, so I spent a whole day editing.

At first, I'm going to try to copy some of the more common posts, and once I get used to it, I'd like to make a video demonstrating some of the techniques used in the "Tales of" series!

I will try to answer any comments as best I can, as long as they are commented on that day. Hopefully we can all get excited for the new one to hit the shelves!


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