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Is it your alter ego to play?! Netflix × ZONe's new sensation game released

プレイするのは自分の分身?!Netflix × ZONeの新感覚ゲームが公開

Just a few days ago, the new zero-calorie product "ZONe Unlimited ZERO Ver. 1.0.0 " went on sale, the digital performance energy " ZONe ".
ZONe has an outstanding affinity with video games, and now ZONe has collaborated with " Alice in Wonderland ", an original series that is now being distributed on Netflix.
The collaboration can comes with a QR code that allows you to play "Anata in Imajigo-no-Kuni," a browser game with a new sensation in which you control the game using only your "instincts"!

カロリーゼロのZONe登場!デジタルパフォーマンスエナジー「ZONe Unlimited ZERO Ver.1.0.0」発売!

Experience the new browser game!

Anata in the Land of the Rising Sun

Anata in the Land of the Rising Sun" is a game that incorporates the technology of OpenAI's Reinforcement Learning AI engine.
The game is inspired by the " game " in the Netflix original series "Alice in Wonderland". The AI will reproduce what it would be like if you were to participate in a game.
The game is based on a "game" in which the player answers a number of questions immediately after the game starts, and based on the results of the diagnosis, an alter ego is generated that reflects the player's instincts, which then challenges the "game".
The result is up to the player, as the game simulates actions that follow one's instincts even more closely than those of the player himself.
Experience this new browser game that allows you to look at your instincts and see how you can survive in a life-or-death situation!

ZONe Ver.1.3.9 Netflixコラボ缶
ZONe Ver. 1.3.9 Netflix Collaboration Can

The Netflix collaboration can of "ZONe Ver. 1.3.9" has been on sale since Tuesday, December 8, 2020!
By scanning the QR code attached to the collaboration can, you can access the "Anata in Imagine Land" special site and play the game.
The game can only be played from smartphones.

  • iOS 12 or higher with Safari / Chrome
  • Android 8 or higher with Chrome

Chrome Android 8 or higher.

Anata in the Land of Imagination

Funglr Games also tried to play "Anata in the Land of the Rising Sun", but unfortunately we couldn't complete the game! We had to play " Gimme a bar "...
Unfortunately, we couldn't complete the game... It's frustrating because you are not in control of the game, but the difficulty of the game can be seen in the fact that instinct makes you do it.
If you find a Netflix collaboration can of "ZONe Ver. 1.3.9", please buy it and play it to see what kind of game it is!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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