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Bauhutte "G-530" is released as a next-generation gaming chair with upgraded headrests, seat and armrests!

ヘッドレスト・座面・アームレストがグレードアップした次世代ゲーミングチェア Bauhutte「G-530」発売!

Sitting for long periods of time in postures such as playing games or working can be hard on the body.
A good chair will not only make you less tired, but will also help you concentrate and improve your performance, so the better you work, the more you care about your chair.
There are many different types of chairs in the world, but the most popular and functional chairs are gaming chairs, which are more affordable than high-end chairs.
As a result of the corporate efforts of various manufacturers, the market is flooded with numerous great gaming chairs, but the technology seems to have hit a plateau and it feels like the only thing left to do is to make it shine.
Bauhutte, the unrivaled gaming furniture manufacturer, has now released its next generation of high-performance gaming chairs, the G-530!

ローテーブル派必見!次世代ゲーミング座椅子 Bauhutte「GX-530」発売!

Next Generation Chair with Upgraded Functions

The G-530 is the next generation of high-performance gaming chairs because of its upgraded features.
First of all, there is the headrest, which is a must-have feature on all gaming chairs.
Most headrests have a fixed position, or even if the position can be moved, it cannot be fixed and must be held in place by the neck.
However, the "G-530" has a newly developed unique headrest hole that allows four-stage height adjustment.

Headrest hole

Since the height of the seat and the length of the neck differ from person to person, the G-530 can be set to the position that is just right for you, such as the back of the neck, and it will stay in place, a design that was not possible before!


Next, the seat cushion is removable.
This not only makes it easy to clean, but also allows the seat to be adjusted back and forth for the best seating position.
And when installed, the hook-and-loop fasteners hold it securely in place, so there's no need to worry about it slipping out of place!

Removable cushion

In addition, it is designed to perfectly fit the various gaming cushions sold by Bauhutte!
You can replace the cushion with a gaming cushion to suit your personal preference, or change the seat surface to suit the occasion, and find the best seating comfort!

Gaming seat cushion fits perfectly

The regular seat also features molded urethane cushions that do not easily lose their shape, and are 5cm thick er than the previous model at 11cm, so you will not get tired even after sitting for a long time!

And the evolved armrests " 4D armrests " have been adopted!
The armrests can be adjusted not only up and down like normal armrests, but also back and forth, left and right, and even across the width of the armrests!
The armrests are an important part of the armrest system that can reduce the burden on the body by positioning them appropriately, so the "4D armrests" that can be adjusted appropriately to suit your physique and desk is a very welcome evolution!

4D armrest

Basic performance is second to none!

The evolution of the G-530 is great, but as Bauhutte is a pioneer in gaming furniture, the basic performance of the G-530 is also well documented!
The back of the G-530 has a three-dimensional cushion that is designed to fit the human body's royal family.
The adjustable headrest and lumbar support will help you maintain the correct posture while gaming.

three-dimensional cushion

Because Bauhutte is a Japanese manufacturer, we have focused on a low seat design for the Japanese body shape.
The seat height can be adjusted in the range of 40-45 cm, allowing the user to maintain a sitting posture with the soles of the feet firmly on the floor.


It also has a maximum 135° reclining and rocking function, so you can take advantage of this for relaxation.

Reclining function

Available in four colors to choose from

The Bauhutte "G-530" is currently on sale for around 34,980 yen (including tax) and can be purchased through Amazon and other retailers.
It is available in four colors: black with a gray insert, red, blue, and green.
At the time of writing, green is out of stock, so the other colors may be low in stock. If you are considering purchasing one, hurry!
I think we will continue to live with longer home time for some time to come.
A good chair is the first step to good home time! Why not take this opportunity to introduce the next generation gaming chair "G-530"?
For details, please check the Bauhutte "G-530" product page!

Color BK: Black
RD: Red
BU: Blue
GN: Green
Dimensions Width approx. 730mm x Depth approx. 725mm (725~1130mm) x Height approx. 1180mm (1180~1230mm)
Seat height: approx. 400mm (400~450mm)
*Height from floor to sitting reference point
Weight 19.7kg
Structural members Backrest and seat: Metal frame (steel)
Armrests: Metal (steel), polypropylene, polyurethane
Legs and casters: Nylon
Seat metal part, gas cylinder: Metal (steel)
Surface Finish Seat metal part: Acrylic resin powder coating
Load capacity Approx. 100kg
Upholstery material Backrest and seat: Polyester
Cushion material Urethane foam


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