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Yagami-an becomes perfume! ? "THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 Eau de Parfum Yagamian" appeared!

八神庵が香水に!?「THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 オードパルファム 八神庵」登場!

The " THE KING OF FIGHTERS" series, SNK's representative fighting game, is scheduled to be released in 2022 with the latest title "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV". (hereinafter referred to as "KOF").
Since this is SNK's all-star game, many characters from SNK's masterpieces have participated in the series, but there are also many original KOF characters that are attractive.
Among them, " Iori Yagami " first appeared in KOF '95, the second game in the series, and became one of SNK's most popular characters thanks to his character-jam-packed personality.
Not only is she a character that is jam-packed with characters, but she is also a character for which many official goods have been sold, and SNK's online store even has a special page for Iori Yagami goods.
A new item has just been announced to join the Yagami An merchandise lineup! Iori Yagami is now available as a perfume!

遂に「八神庵」が登場!KOF XVの新キャラクタートレーラー公開!

Remember every time you smell it!

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 オードパルファム 八神庵
THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 Eau de Parfum Iori Yagami

The new Yagami Iori merchandise is " THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 Eau de Parfum Yagami Iori, " a perfume based on the image of Yagami Iori.
Fairy Tail, a company that has sold many perfumes inspired by characters and works of art, has created this perfume, so there is no doubt that it is of high quality.
This perfume seems to be based on the image of Iori Yagami from KOF '98, even though Iori Yagami is Iori Yagami. Why the pinpoint?
Not only does the box and bottle have a design of Iori Yagami, but it also has the words "Remember me every time you see the moon," "You will not die easy," "Cry! Cry! And die! I'd like to display the bottle and the box as a set even after I'm done using it!

The fragrance I'm interested in has top notes of lavender, mandarin, and grapefruit. Middle notes are lemon blossom, Italian bergamot, and sage. Last notes are patchouli, jasmine, and dry woods.

This perfume is based on the image of Iori Yagami.
The citrusy scent, which expresses Iori's cool personality, gradually transforms into a stimulating fragrance.
It is an image of the heat he keeps inside.
The gentle last notes of patchouli and jasmine are reminiscent of Iori feeding milk to his cat.


"It reminds me of Iori giving milk to a cat. "


On the contrary, I can't imagine what the fragrance smells like.
For those who can't imagine what it smells like, FAIRYTAIL, a store directly managed by Fairy Tail Corporation, will be offering samples of the "THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 Eau de Parfum Yagami Iori" fragrance at its store on Nakano Broad way!
If you would like to try the fragrance before purchasing, please visit "FAIRYTAIL".

"THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 Eau de Parfum Yagami An" is scheduled to be shipped from Monday, July 12, 2021, and will be priced at 2,750 yen (tax included).
Pre-orders will be available at SNK Online Shop andDreaming Princess from July 2, 2021 (Fri.).
Please note that the shipping date may differ depending on the store where you purchase.
The perfume is based on the image of Iori Yagami, one of SNK's most popular characters, so there is a big possibility that reservations will close early.
If you want to be sure of getting it, make your reservation as soon as possible!
For more information, please visit the
official online store of Fairy Tail Co.


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