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The wings of light spreading cheerfulness! "Red Bull Energy Drink Orange Edition" is here!

授かるは陽気さ広がる光の翼!「レッドブル・エナジードリンク オレンジエディション」登場!

Energy drinks are deployed in supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, etc., taking up quite a bit of space in the drinks corners of stores.
Many penguin discount stores have an energy drink section in the corner of their sales floor, which means that there are many kinds of energy drinks on the market and that there is a lot of demand for them.
Among the many energy drinks on the market, the pioneer in Japan is Red Bull.
Red Bull" is one of the pioneers among the many energy drinks on the market in Japan, and a large 473 ml size was recently released.
While the regular Red Bull flavors are delicious, the unique, limited-quantity flavors that are released on an irregular basis are also appealing.
We've been waiting to see what flavors will be released this year, and now we're excited to announce the first limited-quantity Red Bull flavor for the year 2022!


Wings of Light "Orange Edition" will spread cheer!

レッドブル・エナジードリンク オレンジエディション
Red Bull Energy Drink Orange Edition

The first limited edition flavor for 2022 will be " Red Bull Energy Drink Orange Edition"!
The previous "Red Edition" was released in the fall of 2021, so this is the first new flavor in a long time.
What kind of flavor is it?

The playful spirit is fully charged from the moment you take a sip. Spread cheerfulness and shine with wings of light!

The official release says, "We have no idea what it tastes like.
As usual, I have no idea what kind of flavor it will be, but based on the past trends, many flavors are associated with the color, so I'm going to guess orange!
Let's see what it tastes like when we actually drink it!
Red Bull Energy Drink Orange Edition will go on sale on February 1, 2022 (Tuesday)! The suggested retail price is 190 yen (excluding tax )!

Campaign to win a special set!

To celebrate the release of "Red Bull Energy Drink Orange Edition", a follow and retweet campaign will be held to win a special Red Bull set!
Two 250ml Red Bull Energy Drinks, two 250ml Red Bull Energy Drinks Orange Edition, and a #Wings of Light Kit containing an original card game in a specially designed box will be given away to 1,000 people! The original card game is included in a specially designed box.

The kit is perfect for the end of the year, as you can enjoy the card game while comparing the original and new flavors.
To participate in the campaign, simply follow the official Red Bull Japan Twitter (@redbulljapan) and retweet the campaign tweet that will be posted on January 28, 2022 (Friday).
The campaign will last until 23:59 on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, so be sure to follow the official account and wait until the campaign tweets are posted so you don't miss anything!
For more information on the product, please check the "Red Bull Energy Drink Orange Edition" product page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

True Red Bull!? I drank "Red Bull Red Edition" and gave it a red wing!
True Red Bull!? I drank "Red Bull Red Edition" and gave it a red wing!...

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