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Small high-performance webcams are even more powerful! ASUS "ROG Eye S" will be released in Japan!

小型高性能なウェブカメラが更にパワーアップ!ASUS「ROG Eye S」日本発売決定!

The demand for webcams has become very high with the increase in online meetings due to the increase in remote work due to the Corona disaster and the debut of video streaming triggered by the increase in time spent at home.
For a while, webcams were in extremely short supply and disappeared from stores, but recently the supply has become more stable.
In this case, you may want to pay attention to "image quality" and "sound quality," don't you?
You may have purchased a cheap webcam just for the sake of it, only to find that the image quality is poor and dark, and the built-in microphone's audio is indistinct, making it difficult to make a good impression on the other person.
We have recommended the "ROG Eye," a compact, high-performance webcam that is perfect for online meetings and live game recording, which was previously introduced on Saiga NAK.
The "ROG Eye" is now on sale as a successor to the "ROG Eye S." The "ROG Eye" has been purchased by our editorial staff and is still in use.

発表から約1年…!ストリーミング向けウェブカメラ ASUS「ROG Eye」が遂に日本発売!

High performance, bright and clear even in dark places

"ROG Eye S"製品ページ

ROG Eye S " is the successor to "ROG Eye" and inherits the performance of the highly acclaimed "ROG Eye".
With a chic black compact body that folds down to a mere 17mm, ROG Eye S can be easily attached to the displays and monitors of today's thin laptop PCs.
The aluminum alloy base that attaches to a table or other surface has a standard camera mount (1/4" diameter, 20 screws per inch), so it can also be attached to a tripod. This is very convenient in a very simple way.

"ROG Eye S"製品ページ

The high-performance 1080p/60fps camera section is equipped with automatic face recognition and autofocus technology. It quickly detects faces and fine-tunes the image as needed.

Automatic face recognition and auto focus technology
"ROG Eye S"製品ページ

The camera is also equipped with a blue glass filter that filters out infrared light and reduces color shift, resulting in a clear image with minimal color shift.

Blue Glass Filter
"ROG Eye S"製品ページ

What's so good about this thing? Even when used in somewhat dark conditions, the face is clearly and brightly projected. The best thing about this is that you can use a light to illuminate your face!
The best thing would be to have a separate light to illuminate the face, but in some situations, a light may not be available, and some people don't want to go to the trouble of installing such an oversized facility.
"ROG Eye S" can deliver a bright and clear image by itself, so it might just make a good impression, right?

Reborn microphone with AI noise canceling technology

The ROG Eye S may not look much different from the ROG Eye up to this point, with its compact body and high-performance camera. The "ROG Eye" itself was originally a very good product.
What has evolved, then, is the built-in microphone!

Beam-forming microphone with AI noise-canceling technology
"ROG Eye S"製品ページ

The microphone is a high-performance dual-microphone, beam-forming microphone that filters out ambient noise such as fan spins, keyboard clicks, game sound effects, and voices other than your own, which was also included in the ROG Eye. ROG Eye S" also features ASUS AI noise canceling technology!
This technology detects and minimizes 500 million types of background noise and blends them with your voice to deliver a crisp, clear audio experience.
It is amazing that the microphone in the camera can reduce up to 95% of ambient noise, keyboard typing, mouse clicking, and other sounds.
The intuitive ASUS Armoury Crate software allows you to adjust the level of AI noise cancellation, turn on/off the beamforming function, and adjust the microphone settings to best suit your environment.

ASUS Armoury Crateソフトウェア
ASUS Armoury Crate Software
"ROG Eye S"製品ページ

Release Date and Price

ROG Eye S will be released on Friday, July 30, 2021 at an open price. The estimated market price is 11,180 yen (tax included).
Many people who tried online conferencing from home for the first time with the Corona Disaster must have thought that there was more noise than they expected.
It is true that the best way is to prepare a separate condenser microphone for audio and adjust the input balance, but it is expensive to prepare and often not available in some situations.
Since we will still be communicating online, the "ROG Eye S," which can deliver high quality video and audio on its own, will be very useful not only for individuals but also as a webcam for use in companies!
For more information, please visit the "ROG Eye S" product page!

ROG Eye S Specifications
Usage scenario Gaming
Interface Wired
Connector USB 2.0
Supported Platforms PC, MAC
AI Noise Canceling Microphone Yes
Active noise cancellation No
Channels Stereo
Aura Sync No
Folding Function Yes
Weight 118g
Carrying bag/box Yes
Color Black
Note: Image resolution: 5M Image resolution: 5M
Video resolution: 1080p @ 60 fps, 1944p @ 30 fps
Focus Type: Auto
Microphone pick up pattern: AI Beamforming(Dual Mics)
Product dimension(cm): 8.1*2.88*1.66


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It is most suitable for telework! Review 60fps Full HD Webcam ASUS "ROG Eye"!
It is most suitable for telework! Review 60fps Full HD Webcam ASUS "ROG Eye"!...

I break the long silence as about 1 year from a high-definition web camera "ROG Eye" announcement of released 1080p/60fps from the gaming brand of ASU

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