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The trial version of playstation VR exclusive software "Marvel Iron Man VR" is now available! Get a suit that can be used in the main story!

PlayStation VR専用ソフト「マーベルアイアンマン VR」の体験版が配信開始!本編で使用できるスーツを入手しよう!

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. has begun distributing a demo version of "Marvel Iron Man VR" exclusively for PlayStation VR, which is scheduled for release on July 3, 2020.
The demo version will also allow players to obtain the " Molten Lava Arm or," an Iron Man suit that can be used in the main game.

What is "Marvel Iron Man VR"?

This title allows players to put on the PS VR headset and take on the role of the popular hero " Iron Man," fly freely using the Repulsor Jet, and experience action-packed battles with the villains of the past.
In this title, a new nemesis, "Ghost," also makes an appearance! Wear the Iron Man suit and stop Ghost from doing his evil deeds.
We have already introduced the story and game content in a previous article, so be sure to check that out as well.

発売日が未定になっていたPlayStation VR専用ソフト「マーベルアイアンマン VR」が7月3日にリリース決定!

How to play the demo version?

Tap the demo version in the upper left corner of the Store to download.
公式PlayStation Store 日本

The demo version can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store product page.
The download size is a bit large at 16.61 GB, so you may want to prepare your PlayStation VR and review the Iron Man movies and comics until the download is complete to further immerse yourself in the world of Iron Man.

Defeat the drones and rescue Pepper!
公式PlayStation Store 日本

In the demo version, you can practice flying over Malibu, as well as play some of the missions in the main game.
Since it is necessary to get used to flying, it would be better to start as Iron Man after getting used to the operation method in the flight training first.
In the missions, you can fight hacked drones and rescue Pepper.

How to obtain the "Molten Lava Armor" that can be used in the main game?

The "Molten Mule Armor" can be obtained by downloading the demo version.
So even if you are too busy to play or don't have PlayStation VR or PlayStation Move at hand, you will be able to download it and use it in the main game.


Two PlayStation Move cards are required to play this game, so make sure you have two of them on hand before you start playing.
Also, it is recommended to play in a place where there is enough space.
It is also safer to make sure that there are no objects around you (especially under your feet) before playing the game.
Furthermore, although the flying experience is very immersive as if you are really flying as Iron Man, you may experience a certain amount of sickness, so if you feel sick, you should stop playing immediately and take a break.
Iron Man will not run away from you.

Iron Man fans should make sure to get the suit!

The first demo version of the game has been released since the release date was officially decided.
Although the release date is still more than a month away, this is an opportunity to experience Iron Man's activities ahead of time, so take your time playing the demo version and wait for the full game to be released.
Iron Man's suit will be available in the main game, so Iron Man fans will definitely want to get the suit available this time.
For more information on "Marvel Iron Man VR," visit the official Marvel Iron Man VR website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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