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This time it's the "Kushikatsu Tanaka x Monstro" collaboration! Being invited to the tasting, I had no choice but to do a sake review in the middle of the day!


The " Monster Strike " (hereafter "MonSt"), a MIXI game that still boasts unshakable popularity even now in its 10th year of release, has a new food and beverage collaborator, " Kushikatsu Tanaka"! Tanaka " has been chosen as the new food and beverage collaborator! We were invited to a pre-tasting event, so we will introduce the Kushikatsu Tanaka x MonSt collaboration menu and more!


Kushikatsu Tanaka x MonSt" collaboration menu and limited-edition goods will be available!

Explanation of the collaboration process
Saiga NAK

The first tasting of the Kushikatsu Tanaka x MonSt collaboration was held at a Kushikatsu Tanaka restaurant in Tokyo. We went in hungry since it was the middle of the day, but first, both Kushikatsu Tanaka and MIXI explained the background to the collaboration. That 's right!

MIXI 青山さん(左)、串カツ田中 峯さん(右)
Mr. Aoyama of MIXI (left) and Mr. Mine of Kushikatsu Tanaka (right)
Saiga NAK

The decision to collaborate was based on the affinity of the user base and the value of the experience that customers can enjoy, which is connected to Kushikatsu Tanaka's philosophy of " bringing smiles to as many people's faces as possible. The company also emphasized the similarities between MonSt's concept of " everyone together" and Kushikatsu Tanaka's lively atmosphere andChinchi-rollin' Challenge content. He commented that MonSt, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, has been focusing on creating a place and space where people can enjoy themselves beyond the game experience, which led to this collaboration.

Collaboration coaster and sticker
Saiga NAK

Before the tasting, the collaboration project was introduced. The "Kushikatsu Tanaka x MonSt" collaboration project includes...

  • MonSt 5-pack
  • Soukai! Strike Shot Sour (alcoholic drink)
  • Luck?Suijin Melon Soda (Alcoholic drink)
  • Walpurgis Jim Beam x Apple (Alcoholic drink)

Four products will be available! One original clear coaster, freshly drawn, is included with each MonSt 5-pack. One original sticker will be included with the Chinchillorin Challenge for the collaboration drink.

Each comes with one at random, but the period will be divided into two and the characters will be replaced: the first period will be from September 1 (Fri.) to 16 (Sat.), 2023, and the second period from September 17 (Sun.) to October 1 (Sun.), 2023. If you have a favorite character, eat and drink during that period, and if you want to complete all the characters, eat and drink all the time!

A specially designed chinchillorin!
Saiga NAK

Kushikatsu Tanaka is famous for its "chinchillorin. The "Chinchirorin" is a famous drink challenge where you get a free drink if you get a "Zoro" (zero) in the challenge, but it seems that the collaboration drink will also test your luck! Roll the specially designed dice with " mon " and " st" as the first numbers to win a free drink!

Web-only contents
Saiga NAK

The "Kushikatsu Tanaka x MonSt" collaboration can be enjoyed not only at the restaurants! During the collaboration period from September 1 (Fri.) to October 1, 2023, two contents, "Tanaka's Kushikatsu Gacha" and "Tanaka's Wai Wai Gacha," will be available on the special website. I'll tell you later how I actually tried them.


Limited Collaboration Menu
Saiga NAK

Here it comes! Or rather, we've been waiting for you! It's time for today's lunch...not lunch, but a tasting.

Drinks from left to right: "Walpurgis Jim Beam x Apple", "Luck? Suijin Melon Soda", "Refreshing! Strike Shot Sour," and from left to right, "Kushikatsu Pork Cutlet," "Shrimp," "Kushikatsu Beef Cutlet," "Lentil," and "Onion.

By the way, the sake is " real " sake. I'll have it. It's my job.

Original clear coaster and sticker
Saiga NAK

I got Neo-chan as a coaster and Kanno-chan as a sticker!

Souvenirs are refreshing! Strike Shot Sour
Saiga NAK

Then I will have it because I can't wait!

Refreshing! Strike Shot Sour has a refreshing aroma and taste. The crackling candy in it makes it even more refreshing. The sound of crackling could be heard everywhere in the tasting room. It is perfect for summer when you want a refreshing soda taste.

運極 翠ジンメロンソーダ
Unkyoku?Misuijin Melon Soda
Saiga NAK

Unkyoku?Suijin Melon Soda is a soda with melon syrup and mint on top. It is a MonSt-like drink that fits the image of Unkyoku.

The freshness of the mint passes through your nose, but the taste is strongly sweetened by the melon syrup, so it is recommended for those who like sweet drinks. If you're lucky, the Chinchillo challenge is also a pintzolo...?

Walpurgis Jim Beam x Apple
Saiga NAK

Walpurgis Jim Beam x Apple has a gold liquid color, inspired by Walpurgis coins. It is a simple drink consisting only of Jim Beam and apple juice.

This drink offers the sweetness of Jim Beam followed by the freshness of apple. Personally, it was my No. 1 ranking drink to drink with kushikatsu!

Collaboration menu and chinchillorin
Saiga NAK

One original clear coaster is randomly obtained with each order of 5 MonSt. On the other hand, one original sticker is randomly obtained with one chinchillorin challenge of the limited collaboration drink.

In other words, if you get a pinzolo of "Mon" and "St", you get one free MegaJocchi. If you get an odd number, you get double the amount and double the price. Too much luck or too little luck will keep you from completing the original sticker! If you are aiming to complete the original sticker, be careful not to drink too much and try to get one free drink on a Zoro-number and one half price on an even number! Of course, if you like to drink, aim for "MonSt"!

Participate in the campaign by drawing the collaboration gacha on the special site!

You can even get 10 gachas in a row!
Saiga NAK

Kushikatsu Tanaka offers a wide variety of kushikatsu dishes, including meat, vegetable, seafood, and more, so it is often difficult to decide which one to order. For those who have trouble deciding which one to order, Gacharidora has taken the plunge and created the "Tanaka's Kushikatsu Gacha"! You can try it from the special collaboration website.

ガチャリドラ in 串カツ田中
Gacharidora in Kushikatsu Tanaka
Saiga NAK

The usual thing has been made into a Tanaka Kushikatsu version!

Get a kushikatsu!
Saiga NAK

You can choose between 3, 5, or 10 rounds, and the first round will be broken, while the second round will be skipped. The quality of the kushikatsu images, which are all newly shot and even have shadows, is hilarious.

Saiga NAK

Tweet the results of the Kushikatsu Tanaka collaboration gacha, and a total of 10 winners will win 10,000 yen worth of Kushikatsu Tanaka meal coupons each in a drawing! As soon as Friday, September 1, 2023, challenge the gacha from the special site and share your divine pull!

Flavor text too!
Saiga NAK

There is also a flavor text for each kushikatsu. There are some heavy Kushikatsu Tanaka users in MIXI...?

The collaboration starts on Friday, September 1!

Delicious and fun!
Saiga NAK

The "Kushikatsu Tanaka x MonSt" tasting event came to a close in no time at all. The collaboration menu, of course, was a hit, but the web content was also very well done and made us laugh.

I wondered if the target audience was different from the previous Sushiro collaboration, and when I asked after the tasting, he answered, " As MonSt celebrates its 10th anniversary, we want those who have been playing MonSt since then to enjoy it as well. Indeed, the reality is that users who were in junior high school when MonSt was first released are now over 20 years old... I can feel the weight of 10 years.

The "Kushikatsu Tanaka x MonSt" collaboration will be held from September 1 (Fri.) to October 1 (Sun.), 2023! During this period, Kushikatsu Tanaka Shimbashi Ekimae will be renovated as a special collaboration store, so if you are in the Tokyo area, be sure to visit the store!

This is the report of the "Kushikatsu Tanaka x MonSt" tasting event!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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