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Sushiro and Monstruo are collaborating! We had a chance to experience it first hand at an advance tasting!


Sushi is a food culture that Japan is proud to share with the rest of the world. Many people order sushi on delivery for celebrations and special occasions, but it is the "kaiten sushi" that has revolutionized the sushi culture in recent years. Instead of ordering sushi from the waiter in a formal atmosphere, people of all ages, from students to families to the elderly, can sit down at a table and enjoy eating sushi. The king of conveyor-belt sushi is Sushiro, which is operated by Akindo Sushiro, a subsidiary of Food & Life Companies, Inc. Food & Life Companies opened its first 100 yen per plate restaurant in September 1996, and Sushiro took the restaurant industry by storm in the Heisei era, winning first place for customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry in 2009. Sushiro has now decided to collaborate with MIXI's smartphone game "Monster Strike" (MonSt)! We at Saiga NAK were invited to a pre-tasting event to experience the Sushiro x MonSt collaboration first hand!

Get a limited card at the "Sushiro x MonSt" collaboration!

The collaboration between Sushiro and MonSt was announced on "MonSt News" on Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 4 p.m.! The catchphrase is " Let's go kan-kan! "Order any of the collaboration products from February 15, 2023 (Wednesday), and you will receive a card with a limited collaboration design!

"スシロー×MonSt"限定カード 表面
Sushiro x MonSt" limited card (front)
Saiga NAK

One card will be randomly selected from a total of 10 cards featuring popular monsters! You can get one card per one of the target products, so the difficulty level to complete the game may be roaring! Each character's hand depicts a popular Sushiro product.

  • Ebisu, the "God of Fortune" who brings smiles to people's faces
  • Arslan, "King of the Hundred Beasts" who inherits pride
  • Neo: Hello World Mode
  • Chihaya, the "Hand that Brings Us Together".
  • Tutankhamen, the wise Egyptian king who protected his beloved wife
  • Yakumo: Armed with the Great Aragami
  • Jack the Ripper, the "Pruner" of our beloved hearts
  • Solomon, the one who opens the door to the heart
  • Schrodinger, the lost cat who crosses parallel worlds
  • Luna, the Visitor from the Crazy Moon

Participate in the campaign with the 2D code!

"スシロー×MonSt"限定カード 裏面
The back of the "Sushiro x MonSt" limited edition card
Saiga NAK

On the back of the limited edition card, there are two 2D codes, each of which can be used to participate in the campaign.

Lottery campaign to win limited goods
"Sushiro x MonSt" original sushi plate
Saiga NAK

The limited goods are samples. Actual prizes may differ.

The 2D code on the left can be used to participate in the lottery campaign from February 15 (Wed.) to March 31 (Fri.), 2023. One hundred people who enter the campaign will be selected by drawing to win a set of four "Sushiro x MonSt" original sushi plates! The Sushiro plates themselves are rare, but the MonSt logo and collaboration illustrations on the plates make them even rarer! Even if you don't win the sushi plates, you can still get the wallpaper for your smartphone, so don't forget to participate!

The 2D code on the right will give you a "Sushiro 5% off coupon" that you can use as many times as you like from March 1 (Wed) to April 28 (Fri), 2023! Visit Sushiro as many times as you like during the collaboration period and enjoy sushi at a discount!

There are three target products to look out for!

Lottery campaign to win limited-edition goods!
Saiga NAK

The limited goods are samples. The actual prizes may differ.

The products for which you can get the "Sushiro x MonSt" limited card are...

  • Sushiro x MonSt 6-piece set of natural Indian tunas with a limited-edition card
  • Sushiro x MonSt limited card: 10 special set (for 1 person)
  • Sushiro x MonSt Special Set 12pcs (for 1 person) with a limited card

3 types! The "Sushiro x MonSt Limited Card: 6pcs Natural Indian Tuna" is available for dine-in and takeaway, while the "Sushiro x MonSt Limited Card: 10pcs Special Set (for 1 person)" and "Sushiro x MonSt Limited Card: 12pcs Special Set (for 1 person)" are available for dine-in and takeaway, and the "Sushiro x MonSt Limited Card: 12pcs Special Set (for 1 person)" is available for takeaway and delivery. )" are available for take-out and delivery.

Sushiro x MonSt Limited Edition Card: 6pcs. of Natural Indian Tuna

スシロー×MonSt限定カード付き 天然インド鮪6貫盛り
Sushiro x MonSt Limited Edition card: 6 pcs.
  • Large Tuna
  • Medium Tuna
  • Marinated Akami
  • Sashimi
  • Negitoro

Price is 1,080 yen (tax included), but may differ at some stores.

Sushiro x MonSt Limited Edition Set of 10 Special Sets (for one person) with a limited edition card

スシロー×MonSt限定カード付き 特上セット10種(1人前)
Sushiro x MonSt Limited Set 10 Special Set with Limited Card (for 1 person)
  • Medium Tuna
  • Tuna
  • Live yellowtail
  • Fresh salmon
  • Live sea bream
  • Kabayaki eel
  • Scallops
  • Large Shrimp
  • Red shrimp
  • Salmon roe

*Set contents and toppings are subject to change depending on availability and sales.

Basic price is 1,230 yen (tax included), but may differ at some stores.

Sushiro x MonSt Limited Edition Set of 12 Special Sets with Limited Edition Card (for 1 person)

スシロー×MonSt限定カード付き 特上セット12種(1人前)
Sushiro x MonSt Limited Card Special Set of 12 (for 1 person)
  • Medium Tuna
  • Tuna
  • Live yellowtail
  • Scallops
  • Live sea bream
  • Fresh salmon
  • Kabayaki Eel
  • Top conger eel
  • Red shrimp
  • Large Shrimp
  • Crab
  • Salmon roe

*Set contents and toppings are subject to change depending on availability and sales.

The basic price is 1,560 yen (tax included), but may differ at some restaurants. The special set, which is available for take-out and delivery, is available at Izakayokan until Friday, March 31, 2023, and at Uber Eats until Friday, March 24, 2023. Nothing like sushi while enjoying some MonSt at home!

Each item has a limited number of sales per day. In addition, the limited cards will be sold only as soon as they are gone, so if you absolutely want one, aim for the collaboration to start on Wednesday, February 15, 2023!

Sample the limited menu!

Sushiro x MonSt" collaboration

Thankfully, we at Saiga NAK were invited to an advance tasting! Feeling the envy of the editorial staff at our backs, the author, who has experience working part-time at a sushi restaurant, went to Sushiro on behalf of the team!

A smile breaks out on my face.
Saiga NAK

I can't help but smile at my first visit to Sushiro in the year 2023. Not just a smile, but a huge smile.

I want it in the game!
Saiga NAK

We tasted the "Sushiro x MonSt 6-piece Natural Indian Tuna Platter with Limited Edition Card." We actually got random cards, and I won "Chihaya" and "Yakumo: The Great Aragami Armament"! Yakumo is the latest character to make his first appearance at the Super Beast Festival in January 2023. The in-game illustration looks cool, but in the limited edition card illustration, she is holding a winking sword with a live closing "machi" in her hand! Cute!

Saiga NAK

I'll have it with Yakumo!

I had it in the following order: marinated, medium fatty tuna, seared, negitoro, medium fatty tuna, and large fatty tuna. Especially the timing of eating O-toro shows your character....

Needless to say, the quality of the flavor is outstanding. It is no exaggeration to say that you can taste everything about tuna in this one dish! I especially like the medium fatty tuna, so I'm too happy that there are two pieces in this dish!

I got the complete set (lie)!
Saiga NAK

It is quite difficult to complete all 10 types of limited cards, so I took a snapshot of my face with the sample. It's hard to tell from the photo, but each card has a lame finish.

After eating the "Sushiro x MonSt limited edition card with 6 pieces of natural Indian tuna," I was fired up and headed home to eat a bunch of other dishes that had nothing to do with the collaboration. Thank you, Sushiro, for forgiving me with a smile!

More campaigns coming soon!

Twitter campaign to win a super giant sushi plate cushion


During the "Sushiro x MonSt" collaboration, a Twitter campaign is also being held! Follow Sushiro's official Twitter account and retweet the target tweet that will be posted on February 15, 2023 (Wed.), and 10 people will win a Sushiro meal coupon worth 3,000 yen and one person will win a super-sized sushi plate cushion!

In addition, from February 15, 2023 (Wed.), all MonSt users will receive in-game items based on the number of qualifying products purchased at Sushiro restaurants nationwide! For details of each campaign, please check the "Sushiro x MonSt" collaboration special page!

Let's go for a Sushiro Kankan!

Fill up on tasty sushi. Fill your stomach with tasty sushi, and fill your heart with tasty sushi, too.


The "Sushiro x MonSt" collaboration will be held at all Sushiro restaurants nationwide from February 15, 2023 (Wednesday), and will include a variety of projects such as limited edition cards and limited edition goods. Strikers are encouraged to visit at least once, and those who love both MonSt and Sushiro are encouraged to go all the way to the store to complete the limited cards! Let's go for the "Sushiro x MonSt" collaboration!


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