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Masterpiece Gakuen Adventure "Kowloon YoumaGakuen Ki" PS4 version will be released! Package version reservations are now available!


There are times when you get nostalgic for a game you used to play and pull it out of the closet to play it, or when you want to play it for the first time in a long time after some years have passed.
However, have you ever found yourself unable to play a game because the console itself has already reached the end of its useful life?
The adventure RPG " Kuryu Yokuma Gakuenki " was released by Atlus Co. on PlayStation2 in 2004 and is still very popular today for its unique worldview that combines youth, mythology, and the occult. The game was revived last June 2020 on the Nintendo Switch with new elements added and became a topic of conversation.
Following the Nintendo Switch version, Arc System Works, Inc. has announced that " Kowloon Demon School Chronicles ORIGIN OF ADVENTURE " will be released on March 18, 2022 as a remastered HD version for PlayStation 4. The game will be released on PlayStation 4 on March 18, 2022!



The "Kowloon Demon School Ch ronicles" is a popular adventure RPG with a unique worldview that combines youth, mythology, and the occult, and is an adventure RPG with two aspects: school drama and treasure hunter.
In the daytime, the game is an adventure (ADV) part in which you control a high school student "treasure hunter" who leads a school life, and in the evening, a role-playing (RPG) part in which you explore ancient ruins and solve the mysteries hidden in the school while battling monsters and obtaining hidden treasures that lie in the deepest part of the school. The game is divided into two parts: an adventure (ADV) part and a role-playing (RPG) part.

Adventure (ADV) part

The adventure part of the school part, with its unique characters, has been newly recorded from the original PlayStation2 release, and the original voice actors from that time have been reunited (only some voice actors have been changed) to fully voice the main scenario!
The Christmas event, which was highly praised by fans, has also been fully voiced, so expectations for the game are high!
The voice can be freely switched between part-voiced and full-voiced by using the option!

Role Playing (RPG) Part

Another part of the game, apart from the adventure part, is the role-playing part.
This is a dungeon RPG in which players explore ancient ruins on a 3D map and solve various riddles and gimmicks.
In the dungeon battles, AP (action power) is consumed to fight and AP turn-based battle is adopted, and AP is consumed each time you move or attack.
The battle style varies, with players choosing to attack as the best defense, or to fight cautiously, dividing the battle between offense and defense.

Emotional input system

And we must not forget the unique " Emotion Input System " that appears in " Kowloon Demon School Chronicles "!
As you go through your school life, you will have conversations with various characters, and special events will occur depending on the level of liking you have for them!
In conversations with characters, players can choose from 9 different emotions: Love, Joy, Burn, Friendship, Sadness, Sadness, Cold, Anger, and Ignore.
Depending on the response chosen, the character's likability will increase, and depending on the level of likability, the main character's nickname may change, or the player's skills may be enhanced when infiltrating as a buddy in the role-playing part of the game!
The character's reactions, liking level, and conditions for events to occur affect various parameters, and can even lead to other conversations, so there is a wide range of strategies to be used.

KYURYU YOKUMAGAKUENKI ORIGIN OF ADVENTURE" will be released on March 18, 2022!


The PS4 version of "Kowloon Demon Academy O RIGIN OF ADVENTURE" will be released on March 18, 2022 (Friday ) for 6,380 yen (tax included) for both the packaged and downloadable versions!
Pre-orders are already open on Amazon.co.jp and will include PC wallpaper as a bonus.
We are looking forward to seeing what new information will be announced in the next three months before the release, as well as the announcement of special offers.
Further information will be updated on the official website of KYURYU YOKUMAGAKUENKI, so please stay tuned and wait for the release date!


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