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Chance to become a real island owner!? Uninhabited island "Shirahama island" appears in the prize of "Battle Dream"!


Battle Dreams" is a new type of mobile game application operated by Arii Inc. that turns your spare time into a dream.
It is a very popular game application that allows players to play more than 10 different types of games in a wide range of genres and compete with other players for scores. The "badles" accumulated can be exchanged for various items at the " Badle Dream Shop ".
While you can exchange your "badles" for common prize items such as Amazon gift certificates, Google Play gift cards, App Store & iTunes gift cards, etc., "Battle Dreams" is different.
But " Battle Dreams" is different.

Shirahama Island, an uninhabited island in Matsushima, is now available!

The newest addition to the "Badr Dream Shop" prize list is Shirahama Island, an uninhabited island in Matsushima Bay, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, located in Miyagi Prefecture.
This is not a metaphor or a part of an island, but an entire "Shirahama Island"!

Shirahama Island

Shirahama Island is an uninhabited island with a private beach stained white with seashells, and there are no broadleaf trees where rainwater can collect, so there is no risk of mosquito bites even in summer.
Moreover, because it is an uninhabited island, you will not be with other people, making it perfect for the Corona Disaster.
And because it is located within Japan's three most scenic areas, the island comes with annual maintenance by the government to clear the undergrowth! And noproperty taxes of any kind, since it's a security forest !
To get to the island, you will travel by boat to a contracted fisherman.
Please note that due to the park law, no buildings can be built on the island.
The chance to become the owner of an uninhabited island of about 5,254 square meters (about 1,592 tsubo) is rare, so save up your "badles" and aim to become the owner of "Shirahama Island"!
Shirahama Island" can be redeemed for 300,000,000 badles, which are in stock at the moment, so hurry!
For more details and to exchange, please visit the " Badr Dream Shop "!
Download "Battle Dreams" from the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users now!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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