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This time, a great brawl! "Fight of Animals: Arena" where those animals are rampaging is finally on sale!

今度は大乱闘!あの動物たちが暴れまわる「Fight of Animals: Arena」が遂に発売!

Fight of Animals: Arena ", the latest title in the "Fight of Animals" series by Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter!
A new animal, the " Kung Fu Dachshund," has been announced, and the release date has finally been announced as Thursday, December 17, 2020 (Japan time )!
As "Fight of Animals" fans, the editorial department of Saiga NAK was eagerly checking the "Fight of Animals: Arena" page on Steam in between work hours.
Finally, in the late afternoon, the long-awaited new "Fight of Animals: Arena" became available for download!

動物たちの大乱闘「Fight of Animals: Arena」が発売日が遂に決定!

Easy to use, thrilling and fierce!

While "Fight of Animals" was a one-on-one fighting game, "Fight of Animals: Arena" has evolved into a brawl game with up to 4 players playing simultaneously!
The game format has changed, and jumping is now done with the A button (default setting) instead of the upward input. The game format has changed, and jumping has been changed from upward input to the A button (default setting), and double jumping is now possible in order to run around the large field in all directions, even moving to high platforms.
The dash can be activated with a single press of the B button ( default setting), which is useful when closing the distance or avoiding an opponent's attack.

"Fight of Animals: Arena"操作方法
"Fight of Animals: Arena" Operation

Special moves can be activated by pressing the skill button when one's strength falls below 30%.
With only one button to activate without any difficult controls, a one-shot reversal is no longer a pipe dream!

Kung Fu Dachshund Special Move "Fist of Fire

As in a Super Smash Bros. game, items that can be used during battles appear on the stage.
You can use the items in a variety of ways, such as hitting, throwing, and eating, to liven up the battle.


The ability to use other players who have been KO'd as weapons is quite unique.

Hot-blooded hard fighting

The stages are rich in variety, with footholds and elevation differences, swamps that are difficult to walk on, slippery ice fields, and bushes where you can hide.
There are also traps set in the way of the animals, making the battles even more thrilling.

"Fight of Animals: Arena" offers two different modes of play: "Survival Mode," in which players must survive each round, and " Scoring Mode," in which players must score the most points to win.
In addition to the one-on-one versus one-on-one brawl batt les, the game also allows for 2-on-2 and 3-on-1 team division, so players will be able to experience a different kind of battle that they cannot experience in brawl battles.

Team Battle

Of course, the game also features online battle functionality, so you can battle with friends or rivals from around the world you have never seen before, anytime, anywhere.
The game will connect to the appropriate server depending on the region you are in, allowing for comfortable online play with minimal lag.
The room creation feature has also been enhanced to make online play more comfortable and convenient than ever before!

Room Setup

Fight a big battle against the world right now!

Fight of Animals: Arena" is now available on Steam!
The regular price is 1,320 yen, but until Thursday, December 24, 2020, you can get it for only 1,188 yen (10% off ) as a special promotion!
If you own the Steam versions of Digital Crafter's other fighting games, such as "Fight of Animals" and "Fight of Gods," you can get an additional discount, so now is the time to buy!
The " Digital Collector's Edition " which includes the original soundtrack of "Fight of Animals" is also available now for only 1,358 yen (22% off ) from the regular price of 1,730 yen! The regular price is 1,730 yen.
The "Digital Collector's Edition" is the only way to listen to the music you've always wanted to hear!
Many of you will be spending time at home with your family this New Year's holiday, so let's all enjoy the big battle of the animals!
For the latest information, check out the Fight of Animals Twitter,Facebook, andDiscord!


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That dog with a new shoulder width is decided to participate in the latest work "Figh...

Then the "Fight of Animals" series latest model of Taiwanese released developer Digital Crafter "Fight of Animals: Arena (FAITOOBUANIMARUZUARINA)

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