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From "Glitter Fantasia" "NEW GAME! "The completion event will be held from September 29th!

「きららファンタジア」から「NEW GAME!」完結記念イベントが9月29日より開催!

To celebrate the release of the final volume of the NEW GAME! manga on September 27, KIRARARA PHANTASIA will be holding a "NEW GAME in the making " event from September 29 at 17:00 to October 13 at 15:59.

What is the event "NEW GAME in the making" about?

You can enjoy the original story of "NEW GAME in the making"!

イベント"現在NEW GAME制作中"
きららファンタジア NEWS

There are 13 scenario quests in total.

If you clear all the quests, you will be able to read the later scenarios consisting of 4 sections after the specified date and time.
Also, by reading each scenario during the event period, you can earn 5 "Hoshisai-ishi" and 1 "VR Machine".

Collect event materials through collection quests and 【Super Enemy】 quests!

イベント"現在NEW GAME制作中"
きららファンタジア NEWS

The collection quest will be opened when all scenario quests are completed.
Event materials collected in the quests can be exchanged for various items such as " Event Call Ticket " which can be exchanged for ★4 characters that appeared in past event rewards.
What a surprise! The "Etoileum" required for the evolution of a 5★ character's exclusive blister can also be exchanged for event materials.

In addition, more event materials and limit breakthrough materials can be obtained from the 【Super Strong Enemy】 quest, which can only be challenged with a special challenge ticket.
Those who have cleared the scenario quest can also challenge the more difficult 【Extreme】 quest to obtain 40 "Hoshisaiishi" for the first clear and the event material "VR Machine" as a reward for completing the clear rank.

Get all the titles!

In this event, players can obtain up to three titles by clearing the following three conditions: clearing all scenario quests, clearing the [Super Enemy] quest, and clearing the [Extreme] quest.

Schedule for opening additional quests

  • Super Enemy] Quest: October 1, 17:00 - October 13, 15:59
  • Extreme] Quest : October 5 17:00 - October 13 15:59
  • Post-discussion scenario section 1: October 8, 0:00 - October 13, 15:59
  • Post-discussion scenario 2: October 9, 0:00 - October 13, 15:59
  • Post-discussion scenario 3: October 10, 0:00 - October 13, 15:59
  • Post-discussion scenario 4: October 11, 0:00 - October 13, 15:59

Original characters drawn by Ms. Kinako Warabimochi!

イベント"現在NEW GAME制作中"
きららファンタジア NEWS

The scenario of this event will feature original characters drawn by Kinako Warabimochi.
Be sure to watch out for the activities of "Nabicchi"!

Kirara Passport for a special set of items!

イベント"現在NEW GAME制作中"
きららファンタジア NEWS

During the event, you can purchase the "Kirara Passport" (price: 490 yen) to get a special set of items.
You can get 100 VR Controllers, which can be exchanged for "Event Call Ticket" in the Trade Shop!

New Game Pickup Summon: Aoba Version/Ko Version" is now available!

" Currently NEW GAME Production Pickup Summon " will be held from September 29, 17:00 to October 13, 15:59.
The pickup summons will be divided into two parts, Aoba version and Kou version, and the appearance rate of the target character will be increased during the period.
In addition, the characters to be picked up will have a bonus effect in the "NEW GAME in the making" event.

Target Characters for Pickup

"★5 Ryoufu Aoba (Soryo wind attribute)" - "★5 Yagami Kou (Sennshi wind attribute)"
きららファンタジア NEWS

Aoba version

  • 5 Ryoufu Aoba (Wind)
  • 4 Ryoukaze Aoba (Mahoutsukai, Flame Attribute)

Koh ed.

  • 5 Yagami Kou (Senji, Wind attribute)
  • 4 YAGAMI Ko (SENSI, earth attribute)

About the Point Summon

Bonus Pt will be accumulated for each summon.
When 250 bonus pts are accumulated, you can choose one of the characters to join your group.

The "NEW GAME! Completion Memorial Campaign" is also being held!

To celebrate the release of the final volume of the "NEW GAME!" comics, "KIRARARA PHANTASIA" will be holding not only the above event, but also a "NEW GAME!
There are also some notes about the event, so check out the official KIRARARA FANTASIA website for more details!


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