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The mission to recapture the earth begins! Robot Action RPG "Megaton Class Musashi" released today!


Level-5, Inc. presents " Megaton Class Musashi", a cross-media project.
The story takes place on Earth, which has been invaded by aliens and the human race is on the verge of extinction. Young people are chosen to pilot the " Rogue," a giant robot that is the last hope for the human race, in a battle to take back the Earth.

The TV anime has been aired and distributed since October, and the story has been hotly anticipated since then. The game is now available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4!

The game's opening special episode is now open to the public!

Level-5's official YouTube channel is now showing a special video featuring the game' s opening movie!
The "Rogue" shakes her steel body violently and cooperates with the alien force "Drakkar" in this exciting video...!

Game Cycle Review!


Let's take a quick look at how to play "Megaton Class Musashi"!
First, you will advance through the storyline and missions, take on battle missions, and customize your aircraft with the parts and weapons you obtain! Not only performance, but also appearance and texture can be adjusted to your liking.
You can also cooperate with up to three other players in battles, so you can efficiently collect parts and weapons in cooperation with your friends. Create your own strongest aircraft and aim to retake the earth from the aliens!

The anime and the game are different!

An in-depth comparison PV between the TV anime "Megaton Class Musashi" and the game "Megaton Class Musashi," which is on sale today, has been released!
The operator, Youoi Kitane, explains the differences between the TV anime and the game! The game has additional scenes and effects that can only be seen in the game and not in the TV anime! The game also includes another story of the unique characters in the game! Even those who have already watched the anime can enjoy the game with a fresh perspective!

The first free update will be released in December!


In conjunction with the release of the game, information on future updates has been released!
The first free update, " Free Update Vol. 1: Counterattack Bo ost Patch," will be released in December 2021!
The first update, "Free Update Vol. 1: Counterattack Boost Patch" is scheduled to be released in December 2021! It will add a new super-powerful big boss "Dino", a new reinforcement system, and the as yet undisclosed Rogue and Kabuki Functions.
Furthermore, new missions and rogues are scheduled to be delivered one after another after December. You will definitely be able to play through the game even after its release!

Preliminary play report is now available!

先行プレイレポートSaiga NAK

The "Megaton Class Musashi" is out today, and the editorial department of funglra Games had a chance to play through the story and multi-battles before the game's release date!
In this report, we will introduce you to the game system in more detail, and show you how excited we were and how hard we struggled with the game.

11月11日発売!「メガトン級ムサシ」ストーリー&マルチプレイ 激アツ体験レポート!

Guidelines for Submission of Game Screenshots

On the official website of "Megaton Musashi", the guidelines for submitting game screenshots are available.
Posting and distribution of videos and still images using gameplay footage is allowed only for personal and non-commercial use, and in accordance with the official guidelines.

However, in order to prevent spoilers, the following "prohibited sections" are clearly stated. Be careful when posting live broadcasts or impressions on social networking sites.

Prohibited sections

  • From the end of the story, from the story mission "Prepared to Carry" to the end of the ending and epilogue.
  • Replay missions that fall within the above section.
  • Gallery

Please be sure to observe the rules and manners when playing online cooperative games and have a good time!
Megaton Musashi" is now on sale at retailers nationwide! The downloadable version is available at My Nintendo Store and PlayStation Store!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

I have played the latest Level Five "Megaton class Musashi" at the offline venue of TGS2021!
I have played the latest Level Five "Megaton class Musashi" at the offline venue...

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