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Twitter implements "toss money (chip) function"!? How will it affect the esports industry?


Twitter has announced that it is testing a " Tip Jar " feature that will allow users to send "throwaways" to other users.

Some users are already using the feature.


Some users have already unlocked the feature, and those accounts that have set it up will see a tip icon next to the follow button.
Users can send tips from there.

However, confirmation is required before use.

One thing to note is that the "Tip Jar" function itself is not provided by Twitter, and money is transferred through an external service, so it is not completed only between Twitter users.
Therefore, it is necessary for users to prepare their own external services that are linked to Twitter.

In addition, if the account name is not written in the comment, the recipient will not know who sent the money.
Furthermore, depending on the settings of the external service, the real name and address may be revealed, so it is necessary to check carefully before using the function.

How will this affect e-sports in the future?

A professional gamer performing a vacuum Hadoken using Ryu

In the public demo, money transfer services such as Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, and PayPal are lined up, and Twitter has a policy of not charging fees.
(Of course, you will be charged for the platform fees of the remittance service you use.)
Since laws and prevalence of remittance services (payment platforms) vary by country/region, we wonder if the remittance services that can be linked will be expanded in the future depending on the registered address of the account.

eSports and tipping functions are closely related, and many streaming services have introduced such a system.
As for social networking services, Instagram has been offering a "badge" function for live streamers since last year, and since many gamers and streamers use Twitter, we hope that Twitter's "tipping" system will have a great impact on e-sports and the gaming industry as well. The Twitter "donation" system is sure to have a great impact on e-sports and the video game industry.
We are looking forward to seeing more developments in the future.


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