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"Nijisanji Chips Vol.3 Usushi Omi" will be on sale from May 31 (Tue)! We also hold a campaign to win card complete sets!

「にじさんじチップスVol.3 うすしお味」が5月31日(火)より販売決定!カードコンプリートセットが当たるキャンペーンも開催!

The light-scented chips come with an original card as an extra.
These snacks have appeared as chips in numerous productions and professional baseball games, and have been popular among people of all ages.
They are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain, and you may have even picked up the product for the original card.
While many works have appeared as chips, " NIJISANJI Chips " with an original card of the VTuber group " NIJISANJI " went on sale in March 2021 and became a hot topic.
eStream Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary of CyberZ Corporation, has released " NIJISANJI Chips Vol. 3 Usu-Shio Flavor" with original cards of all 39 popular VTuber group "NIJISANJI. 3 Usu-Shio flavor " will be available from May 31, 2022 (Tuesday)!

A great success! NIJISANJI Chips Vol. 3 is now on sale!


NIJISANJI Chips ", a snack with original cards of NIJISANJI 's members
Due to the popularity of the "NIJISANJI Chips Tuesday, May 31, 2022 NIJISANJI Chips Vol. 3 "Usu-Shio Flavor ", the third volume of "NIJISANJI Chips ", is now on sale!
The chips come with a total of 39 cards (35 regular cards and 4 rare cards) and are available online at " eStream Store " and at " Family Mart ", " Village Vanguard ", " animate". quot;at " eStream Store 242 yen including tax and at "Family Mart", "Village Vanguard", "Animate" & "quot;".
Sales will end as soon as stock runs out, so be sure to purchase early!

Product Information
Product name NIJISANJI Chips Vol.3 Usu-Shio Flavor
Scheduled date of release Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Price 242 yen including tax
Card type Total 39 types (Normal: 35 types, Rare: 4 types)
Content quantity 25g
Shelf life 6 months
Manufacturer Yamaho Confectionery Co.

List of participating cast members: 35 types in total *in no particular order

  • Lise Heruesta
  • Ange Katrina
  • Toko Inui
  • Fuwa Minato
  • Takeru Ryubou
  • Sara Hoshikawa
  • Belmondo Banderas
  • Rion Takamiya
  • Akina Saegusa
  • Joe Rikichi
  • Nuit Société
  • Kokoro Amamiya
  • Fren E. Lustario
  • Arisu Monojyo
  • Uiha Aiba
  • Hina Asuka
  • Kirame Sorahoshi
  • Aimi Aizono
  • Mashiro
  • Saya Amemori
  • Naraka
  • Haruka Onomachi
  • Fushimi Gaku
  • Kohaku Todo
  • Shuo Sango
  • Asahi Minami Akane
  • Nishien chigusa
  • Kitakoji Jade
  • Axia Krone
  • Lauren Iroas
  • Leos Vincent
  • Oliver Evans
  • Lane Patterson
  • Gilzeren III
  • Rine Yaguruma

Rare Card Subjects

  • RRR (Rion Takamiya / Takeru Ryuubi / Joe Rikichi)
  • ROF-MAO (Kagami Hayato/Kenmochi Touya/Fuwa Minato/Kaita Haru)
  • Kokoro Amamiya / Fren E. Lustario
  • Sanbaka (Toko Inui/Ange Katrina/Lise Heruesta)

Purchase privilege at each store

eStream Store限定特典PR TIMES

At the " eStream Store", two random can bad ges will be attached to each box purchased as a bonus!
Please note that the "eStream Store" sells in cartons (12 pieces per box).

ヴィレッジヴァンガード限定特典PR TIMES

At the "Village Vanguard" store, one A5 clear file will be included as a random prize for every 12 bags purchased!

Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign to win a complete set of cards!

Twitterフォロー&リツイートキャンペーンPR TIMES

To celebrate the release of "NIJISANJI Chips Vol. 3 Usu-Shio Flavor," a Twitter follow & retweet campaign will be held from May 31, 2022 (Tue.) 00:00 to June 5, 2022 (Sun.) to select 3 winners of the " Card Complete Set " in a drawing. The campaign will be held from Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 00:00 to Sunday, June 5, 2022 at 23:59.
Including 4 types of rare cards This is a great chance to get all 39 types of original cards at once! Follow the official eStream Twitter(@eStream_inc) and use the hashtag " #NIJISANJI Chips 3 " and retweet the relevant tweet to enter!

Outline of Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign
Campaign Period May 31, 2022 (Tue) 00:00 - June 5, 2022 (Sun) 23:59
How to apply 1) Follow the official eStream Twitter (@eStream_inc)
➁Retweet the relevant tweet with "#NIJISANJI Chips 3".
Prizes Three winners will receive a "Complete Card Set" by drawing.
Notification of winners Winners will be notified via direct Twitter message by Sunday, June 19, 2022.
Please note the following Our basic policy regarding the protection of personal information is based on our parent company, CyberZ. Please refer to the following privacy policy.
If your Twitter account is set to private, you will not be able to see the retweets and will not be eligible to enter.
If you have set your Twitter account to block direct mail, you will not be able to receive notification of the winners and will therefore be ineligible to enter.
Winning rights cannot be transferred to a third party or redeemed for cash.


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