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The new mobile installment of the "Division" series, "Division Resurgence", has been announced!

「ディビジョン」シリーズのモバイル向け新作「ディビジョン リサージェンス」が発表!

Ubisoft Corporation released the action game "The Division " in March 2016.
The game is a multiplayer online RPG set in a New York City devastated by a viral terrorist attack, where players take on a variety of missions as a member of the autonomous "Division" agents.
The latest title in the "The Division " series, "The Division Resurgence ", has been announced! It will be released as a mobile title!

The latest title in the "The Division" series is now available on mobile devices!

ディビジョン リサージェンス

The Division Resurgence" is a free-to-play third-person shooter RPG for mobile devices that allows players to enjoy the popular "The Division" series on their mobile devices.

ディビジョン リサージェンス

The latest title in the series will feature new characters, enemies, new forces, and other new elements, while maintaining the basic game modes of the previous titles in the series.

ディビジョン リサージェンス

The game features a unique storyline set in a vast open world, and allows players to freely explore a city that has been created in high quality.

In addition to solo play, co-op (multiplayer ), the best part of the series, is available, and PvE content such as story missions and world activities are also available!

New Storyline

ディビジョン リサージェンス

Set in post-Crisis New York City, the story of "The Division " and "The Division 2 " unfolds from a new perspective.
Become a member of SHD's First Division and experience the mayhem of Divisions 1 and 2 from a different perspective!

High-quality open world map

ディビジョン リサージェンス

A high-quality open world map of the metropolis of New York City will be the setting for a variety of events, from story missions to world events.
Explore the metropolis rendered in high quality to your heart's content!

Various Character Customization

ディビジョン リサージェンス

New weapons and equipment are available in this title!
Use drop items, crafting, mods, upgrades, etc., to equip yourself in every way possible!

New Strategic Elements

ディビジョン リサージェンス

Grow your skills to unlock signature weapons and unique gadgets, and change your specialization to experiment with different abilities whenever you like!
Join your friends in the search for the best tactics!

Pre-registration is now open!

The Division Resurgence" official website is now accepting pre-registrations to receive the latest information!
Also, check out Ubisoft Japan's official Twitter account (@UBISOFT_JAPAN ) for the latest information!


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