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Challenge the joint large exercise with Nintendo Switch! "Azur Lane Crosswave" will be released on September 17, 2020! Reservations at stores are also available.

Nintendo Switchで合同大演習に挑め!「アズールレーン クロスウェーブ」が2020年9月17日に発売決定!店頭での予約も受付開始

IDEA FACTORY (Compile Heart) has announced that " Azur Lane Cross Wave," a 3D naval battle game in which players train more than 30 ships, will be released on Nintendo Switch with even more power.
The game will allow players to enjoy the powerful battles that are different from the app version anytime, anywhere.
The game will be released on September 17, 2020 (Thursday ) for 7,800 yen ( excluding tax) for the packaged version and7,000 yen ( excluding tax) for the downloadable version.
Pre-orders for the game have been accepted in stores since May 28, 2020.
As a pre-order bonus, you can get an illustration card with a download number that allows you to use the " Neptune Swimsuit Ver. " character from the "Neptune Series," as well as a store exclusive tapestry and acrylic key holder, so if you are planning to purchase the game, pre-order early! If you are planning to purchase the game, make your reservation as soon as possible!

Photo mode has been further enhanced! All DLC that has been distributed so far is also included!

"Azur Lane Crosswave" is a Nintendo Switch version of the same title released in August 2019.
The game features an enhanced photo mode and includes the additional DLC "Episode Oho" and "Episode Formidable" with a large storyline.

Enhanced Photo Mode

Capture many memories with your favorite ship!
アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

The highly acclaimed photo mode in the PlayStation 4 and PC versions has been further enhanced, allowing users to take photos of up to six ships instead of three.
As Azur Lane fans, we are very happy to see that we can now take more lively photos with our favorite ships, as there are many characters appearing in this game.
The Photo Mode functions are so well-developed that I find myself playing Photo Mode all the time, so I can't wait to take lots of photos of my favorites again!

New main characters "Oho" and "Formidable" are included as additional DLC from the beginning!

Episode Daifeng " and " Episode Formidable ", which were paid DLC for other models, can be played as new chapters by clearing the first chapter of the story mode.
Watch the new protagonist's activities in the voluminous story.

Oho (CV: Yuuki Aoi)

great bird
アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

Belongs to the [Jyuusakura]. (She is devoted to her commanding officer and will come out of nowhere to take care of him even if he doesn't call for her.

アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

Formidable (CV: Rie Kugimiya)

アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

She is the third ship of the Illustrious class. Like her sister Illustrious and others, she is a graceful(?) and dainty Royal lady. She is a graceful (?) and pretty royal lady like her sister Illustrious and others.

アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

Introduction of "Azur Lane Cross Wave

From here, we will introduce the highlights, system, and synopsis of the game.


In the world of "Azur Lane Crosswave," "KAN-SEN," brilliant and talented women who wear outfits and have combat skills, live in a world divided into multiple camps.
The four major camps, "Union," "Royal," "Iron-Blooded," and "Shigesakura," are joined by newcomers, who hone their skills daily in preparation for contingencies related to the "Sirens," an unknown enemy.
At such a time, the four major camps decide to jointly hold a "Joint Exercise".
Only selected members can participate in this major event, and they are all fired up to fight!
...... How did the joint exercise suddenly come to be held?
...Who is pulling the strings behind the scenes?
With a little mystery, a few encounters, and a great deal of ambition, the joint grand training exercise is about to begin!

アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

How to proceed with the story

How to proceed with the story
アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

As in the app version, you can proceed through the story and events from the sea area map, which is filled with cute deformed characters.
When you select a character, a fully vo iced conversation event will occur, and when the conversation event is over, a powerful 3D battle will begin!

Full-voiced conversational events in all parts of the story
アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

Win the fierce battles of up to 3 vs. 3 with your favorite character!
After the battle, you will receive rewards according to the victory conditions, and you can strengthen your character with the items you obtained.

Highlights of this work

Distributed as an app for smartphones, "Azur Lane" is a game in which players organize a squadron of anthropomorphic characters from various ships to battle against the enemy.
This title is based on "Azur Lane" and features an original story with more than 14,000 fully vo iced voices that are not available in the app version.
In addition, the adorable and cool characters in this title are now available as 3D models!
The backs of the characters and their equipment, which can only be seen in 3D models, can be seen in detail, and the battle scenes are even more powerful than in the app.

Over 30 adorable and lovable ships in 3D!
アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト
The battle is also very powerful in 3D!
アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

In addition, the game includes many event stills newly drawn by guest illustrators that can only be seen in this title.

Lots of gorgeous illustrations that can only be seen in this work!
アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

Of course, you can review stills you have acquired and events you have already viewed in the "Gallery Mode".
In addition, there are many other features that users will enjoy, such as the ability to skip events and change the difficulty level during battles.

The store pre-order bonuses are a gorgeous lineup. Early pre-order is recommended!

The limited character "Neptune (Swimsuit Ver.)" is only available as an early pre-order bonus!
アズールレーン クロスウェーブ公式サイト

Pre-ordering this title at a store will include an illustration card with a download number that allows you to use "Neptune (Swimsuit Ver.)" from the "Neptune" series, one of IDEA FACTORY's most popular works.
This is a must-have item for Neptune fans, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.
There are also a variety of store-specific perks for pre-ordering the game, so why not choose the store that offers the perks you like the most and make a pre-order?
You can check the list of perks by store on the Azur Lane Cross Wave perk information page.
For more information on the Nintendo Switch version of "Azur Lane Cross Wave", check out the official Azur Lane Cross Wave website!


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