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"Sonic" layered clothes appeared in "Monster Hunter Rise"! Collaboration quest will be released from Friday, November 26!


A collaboration quest with Sega's " Sonic the Hedgehog " will be available on the Nintendo Switch version of " Monster Hunter Rise," a hunting action game released by Capcom in March 2021, from November 26 (Fri. The collaboration quest will be available from November 26 (Fri. ).

Sonic the Hedgehog" Collaboration!

"ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ"コラボ開催PR TIMES

Monster Hunter Rise " is a globally popular hunting action game that was released in March 2021 and sold over 7 million units worldwide in May of the same year.

With the release of the "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break " super expansion scheduled for the summer of 2022, the game continues to gain momentum.

The Nintendo Switch version of " Monster Hunter Rise" will be released on November 26 (Friday) as a collaborative quest with " Sonic the Hedgehog," a globally popular game that celebrated its 30th anniversary this year!

This is a special quest that lets you experience the atmosphere of " Sonic the Hedgehog ", and you can also get equipment with a motif of "Tails" and "Sonic"!

Sonic the Hedgehog" Collaboration Quest!

コラボクエストコラボクエストPR TIMES

Two special " Sonic the Hedgehog " event quests will be available starting Friday, November 26.

The quests, which include a quest to collect rings on the field, are specially designed to give you a " Sonic the H edgehog" atmosphere, and the background music during the quests will also change!

Sonic and Tails motifs will appear in layered equipment!


By clearing the collaboration quest, you can obtain a Sonic outfit that changes the appearance of Otomo Airou to Sonic, as well as Sonic and Tails motifs for the Hunter and Otomogaruku.

Spin Dash" for quick movement!

スピンダッシュPR TIMES

When equipped, the Otomo Airou will look like Sonic and its quick movement will change to "Spin Dash".

Transform into "Super Sonic" with 7 Chaos Emeralds!

スーパーソニックPR TIMES

In addition, when you use the "Matatabi Ball," which can strengthen an Otomo Airou for a certain period of time, it will transform into "Super Sonic" and you will see a special presentation in which seven Chaos Emeralds will appear!


You can also get "Sonic" and other figurines as rewards for completing the quest, so take advantage of this opportunity and give it a try!


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