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"PlayStation VR2" product page of the world attention is released! Sign up and receive updates!

全世界注目の「PlayStation VR2」製品ページ公開!サインアップして最新情報を受け取ろう!

The first big news in 2022 was the official announcement of the PlayStation VR2, the new PS VR for PS5.
The announcement included high-definition visuals, new sensor functions, advanced tracking performance, the ability to connect to PS5 with a single cable, a 4K HDR display, a 110-degree viewing angle, forbidden rendering, and a host of other amazing features that made even those who had little interest in VR pay attention. The content was something that even those who had little interest in VR would pay attention to.
There has been no announcement on the design of the "PlayStation VR2" at this point, and we are still waiting for more information, but there has been a new development.
The product page for the "PlayStation VR2" has been released!

PS5向けPS VR「PlayStation VR2」と専用コントローラー「PlayStation VR2 Sense コントローラー」正式発表!

The official website with new information is now available!

"PlayStation VR2"製品ページ
PlayStation VR2 product page
"PlayStation VR2"製品ページ

The "PlayStation VR2" product page summarizes the features and performance of the already announced " PlayStation VR2 " and " PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller," &quot The page also includes a demo video of " Horizon Call of the Mountain," a title that will be exclusive to PlayStation VR2.
The site seems to be a simple summary of the existing information, but as you read through each section, it seems that there is some new information, such as a " lens adjustment dial that allows you to adjust the focus according to your preferences.
Can we expect the "lens adjustment dial to adjust the focus according to our preference" to be adjustable to the state of spectacle users without spectacles? If so, spectacle users all over the world will rejoice!
The product page has been released, but as of yet, no release date, price, or even a design for the PlayStation VR2 has been announced.
If you sign up for the " PlayStation VR2 News and Updates " section at the bottom of the official site while logged into your PlayStation Network account, you will receive an email to your account email address when the latest information is announced.
Be the first to know what's coming next by signing up and waiting for more information!
For more details, please check the "PlayStation VR2" product page!


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