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Virtua Revival! "Virtua Fighter ESports" official announcement! Released on PS4!

バーチャ復活!「バーチャファイター eスポーツ」正式発表!PS4で発売決定!

Sega's " Virtua Fighter," the legendary title that took the world by storm as the first game to use polygonal graphics
The "Virtua Fighter x esports" project was announced at the "Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online", and the "Virtua Fighter x esports" project will be officially announced on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 20:00. quot; project will be broadcasted on May 27, 2021 at 20:00, giving the impression that the project will be restarted in earnest.
There were some flying announcements before the announcement in Japan, but the "official announcement broadcast" has now been broadcast, and the full picture has been revealed!

The official announcement of "Virtua Fighter eSports"!

Virtua Fighter eSports " is the latest title in the Virtua Fighter series that uses the "Dragon Engine" to improve graphics and add new features!
Yakuza Studio, AM2, and SEGA's eSports management team will be joining forces to bring the project to life with an all-SEGA team.
In addition to the existing "Ranked Match," "Arcade," "Training," and "Offline Versus" modes, "Room Match" will now include a new double elimination mode. In addition to "Room Match" modes such as "Arcade," "Training," and "Offline Versus," the game also includes features tailored to the e-sports scene, such as " Tournament " for up to 16 players and " League " for round-robin matches.
In addition, the game allows players to watch matches in real time and communicate with others using "stamps," making it a great way to have fun outside of competitive gaming!
There is also a wide range of downloadable content such as costumes and stamps!
Virtua, which laid the foundation for 3D fighting games, is back as "Virtua Fighter eSports", which is sure to create a new movement! Let's throw ourselves into the fray!

Available on PS Plus!

Virtua Fighter eSports" will be available on June 1, 2021 (Tuesday ), and we're happy to announce that it will be the June Free Play title for PlayStation Plus subscribers! In other words, it's free!
I can't believe that the latest title is free for PS Plus subscribers...doesn't SEGA want to make any money?
If you download the PS Plus free-to-play title during the distribution period, you will be able to play it for as long as you are a PS Plus subscriber, even after the distribution period ends, so you can't miss out!
Online competition requires a PS Plus subscription, so you may as well subscribe for the sake of "Virtua Fighter eSports".
If you haven't joined yet, this is a great opportunity to get in on the action!
Please check the PlayStation .Blog for more information about the June Free Play!
And besides PS Plus, the game will also be available on PlayStation Now, PlayStation's subscription service!
And just in case you think of Virtua in the arcade, the game will be available on June 2, 2021 on ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3!
Let's play "Virtua Fighter eSports" at home and in the arcade!
For more details, please check the official website of "Virtua Fighter eSports" updated with the announcement!


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"Virtua Fighter× esports" project "official announcement broadcast" is decided!
"Virtua Fighter× esports" project "official announcement broadcast" is...

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